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Objects of Reflection

Our lives are mapped alongside objects from our past - each holding a special anchor to experience. Take a moment to revisit objects that hold positivity in our minds.

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Eyes are the Window to the Soul

When was the last time you truly shared a moment with someone? Eye contact can be a powerful way to foster a connection with one another. Share a moment with Rhiannon or Kris atop Edinburgh’s scenic Calton Hill.

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Habitually taught to rush through our daily lives, Divination invites us to pause and look up at the stars.

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Tea Ceremony

Rituals can bring us stability and rhythm. Capture this feeling of calm and join Michael as he guides you through a Tea Ceremony

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Sometimes, when expressing yourself to a loved one, words just aren’t enough - take a moment to lose yourself in Claire and Keir’s hypnotic movement piece.

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Auditory Driving

Breath deeply and immerse yourself amidst Chaya’s rhythmic drumming. Performing a steady beat, Chaya creates a relaxing meditative scene that matches your brain's frequencies when in state of REM sleep.